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A designer imagines, a traveler incorporates and when they both merge, it results in functionality fused with intelligent design. Inspired from the travel life of across the globe, Harp’s bags are purely soaked in innate love of innovation detailed with global quality standards, in total harmony with sustainable life of the world. Driven by an irresistible desire to explore, the bright and beautiful, Harp enjoys the excitement of discovery and experimentation. Harp is an untiring, faithful cohort that continues to craft bags for modern life.


When art and technology meets, it results in evolution of prodigious perfection. Harp, a global brand that caters travel utility goods, is a result of similar state of affairs, which was hobby-horsed in 1994 and gradually emerged as a faithful partner of vagabonds. It was the time when art and technology initiated to collaborate to craft a futuristic label that had been evolving its design philosophy and market policy ever since its inception. Our trademark, not just stands as visual identity, but also expresses and encapsulates the brand’s unique values. The distinctive monogram captures the unique balance between practicality and emotion that has always been the soul of brand.


Driven by an irresistible desire to explore and amalgamate human imagination with technology, Harps’ design aesthetics is tailored to the contemporary market trend which is minimalistic and distinctive in character. Soaked in excitement of discovery and experimentation, flavored with international design edge, Harp approaches to re-define the traveling experiences in modern and smart way. Crafted to provide the travelers with a perfect fit, our design and service philosophy is focused largely on satisfaction which has strong influences of incessant improvement in intelligent design and sustainable modern business approach. Categorized under plush palette, our accession is towards transparent ethics which is synonymous to originality. Harp, as a brand believes that its innate love for innovation under the shades of accepted norms can create unforgettable legacy.


Harp is about functionality flavored with intelligent design to create an iconic range of innovative bags that travelers across the world can relate to. When it comes to travelling, comfort is inevitable and we as a fashion brand try to create a balance between practicality and emotion that travels through various cities of the globe and holds a common string of superlative comfort. Genuine design, high quality, reliability, easy-to-use and durability defines our approach towards providing a trend driven product range which is unique in its own way with exceptional travel nostalgia attached to each set of it. We offer functionality through an unparallel combination of intelligent design and solution, crafted to keep the traveler free spirited during the voyage. Visually appealing color palette, comfortable design pattern and intricate detailing altogether caters a range of utility bags that has a surprise element, which comes through the understanding of how simple, and smart are solutions.


They are active, informed, curious and hard-to-please. They are the habitual travelers looking for new enriching experiences which is nature friendly, smart and defines their state of mind. Moreover, they are not fashion victims, have their own way of re-defining fashion and trend that is never unnoticed. Curious but not fanatic, they love to explore and adapt the understated. Passionate about distinctive design and intricate detailing, they choose Harp for its great balance in terms of quality, emotion and innovation.

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